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If you are thinking of moving from permanent employment to contracting or freelancing? There are many benefits available to you and all options should be considered! We recommend setting up your new business following the most constructive practices possible whilst making it easy for your customers to deal with you.

Elite Financial Accounting is based in Bristol and can assist you in setting up a customer friendly new business with maximum gains. Special schemes to evade paying tax in the UK is destructive to your business in the long run, we ensure all our tax saving methods are legal and permitted.

Setting up as a Bristol Contractor

The two key options for Contractors setting up a new business who live, work and get paid in the UK are as follows:

  • Set up as a PAYE umbrella company and pay income tax and national insurance contributions on your total earnings
  • Operating as your own genuine limited company. This is usually the best solution however we offer a free initial consultation to establish the best option for you.

As of 2015, operating as a limited company is still usually the most tax efficient solution for contractors

Simon Jackson, Elite Financial Accounting Director

If you do decide to set up a limited company we can support you on individual elements right the way through to a 360&‌deg; full circle service. Please see our comprehensive contractors guide on setting up as a limited company at the top of this page and start reaping the benefits.