The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a set of guidelines for contractors to adhere by when hiring and paying subcontractors.

Failure to comply with these special tax rules set out by the construction industry can result in significant penalties from HMRC. 

At Elite Financial Accounting we have a knowledgeable, highly experienced team who help guide and support our clients the best way possible, so they remain in compliance with CIS.

Our Services for CIS contractors include:

  • Registration as a contractor with HMRC
  • Verifying your subcontractors with HMRC
  • Keeping you up to date with changes to the CIS regulations and explaining if/how this affects you
  • Ensuring subcontractors are paid correctly and within compliance of the CIS
  • Supplying HMRC and subcontractors with statements showing deductions

Your contractor needs to decide if you are self-employed or an employee. Each offer slightly different classifications. Here at Elite Financial Accounting, we can offer you the guidance and advice to best understand your status and comply with tax regulations.

Our services for subcontractors include:

  • Taking care of your business records
  • Preparing self assessment tax returns
  • Correctly registering you with HMRC and verifying your status on behalf of your contractor

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