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At Elite Financial Accounting we recommend our clients use a fantastic piece of accounting software called Xero to assist them with their accounting and book keeping records.

xero accounting software

Xero is 'cloud hosted', which means you can use it wherever you have Internet access.

That's really convenient for any size business from small to large, especially if you have staff in different locations. Its also means can input data on all electronic devices including phones, tablets and desktops, perfect if you find yourself constantly on the move!

One problem many business and property investor to clients face is the ability to get up to date financial information on their business and property portfolio as needed. Having a grip on the finances becomes more difficult as the portfolio grows or large refurbishments are undertaken.

At Elite, we tailor the Xero software so that it is representative of your business and property portfolio. You would then have the option to perform the bookkeeping yourself (after a short training session) or drop the records into our office periodically so we can input the records.

Having access to your records in real time via Xero provides the following benefits:

  1. You will have a better understanding of how your business and property investor to clients operate. Which ones are making profits vs. which ones are not. Therefore, you will be able to implement safeguards quicker or exploit opportunities to generate maximum property profits.
  2. You will be able to assess more accurately the tax consequences of selling an existing business, property or acquiring another. This is imperative when considering to grow, take on finance or divest your business and property investments.
  3. Tax planning can be implemented in a more timely manner, keeping you as tax efficient as possible.
  4. You will be able to scale your business and property investments more easily, helping you to drive the business forward with more efficient administrative tasks.
  5. Did we mention the tax man loves this format. Tight financial controls which are easy to access and review.

Other great features include

  • Transfer existing bookkeeping data
  • Create tenant invoices
  • Refurbishment management

You can find more details of the useful Xero features by clicking here

We also provide secure direct portal access for all our customers, making logging in extremely easy! Just click here and save the URL to your favorites list.

Quick & easy set up

Because Xero is online, there's no download required. You just need to register to get started using Xero for free.

Next Step:

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