Self Assessment Tax Return Advice Bristol

Self assessment tax returns can often be completed late or incorrectly. We are here to offer advice on every aspect of your self assessment tax return.

Self assessment tax returns can be complicated and typically time consuming for busy businesses at this time of year. Elite Financial Accounting is based in Bristol and ready to offer advice on every aspect of your tax return submission.

Online Self Assessment Tax Returns

We offer advice, guidance and full circle service in the following key areas:

  • Preparation of Accounts
  • Current and Previous Years Tax Rates
  • Income Tax
  • National Insurance
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Completion of Forms For Self Assessment
  • Obtaining your UTR number

Our current clients include:

  • Individuals and sole traders
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Companies

We ensure our clients online self assessment submission avoid commonly costly mistakes and complete them using our extensive knowledge and experience of a huge variety of industries.

Continuing changes to tax legislation mean that businesses often receive unnecessary penalties through failing to complete their assessment on time or correctly. We have helped many Cheltenham businesses to avoid this year on year and offer a free consultation.

"I have been with Elite Financial Accounting for a while now and couldn't fault them. Quick to answer emails, very helpful and knowledgeable' a personal touch you wouldn't get in a lot of places".

Lollipop Entertainment - Bristol

Late Self Assessment Tax Return Penalties

  • 1 day Overdue = £100 fine.
  • 3 months Overdue = £100 fine and a further £10 per day
  • 6 months late = Another £300 or 5% of the tax due (whichever has the highest value).
  • 12 months late = All penalties above plus £300 or 5% of tax due.

For more information on late penalty fees and deadlines, visit the .gov page Self Assessment Deadlines.

It can take up to a week to receive your UTR number and you will need this in order to complete an online self assessment tax return. If you have missed the deadline and have what is considered to be a 'reasonable excuse' we may still be able to help you avoid any fines. To discuss this in more detail please contact us today and we can talk through your options.

There's no technical speak from us. We pride ourselves on communicating in an open, honest and transparent way that won't blind you with unnecessary terminology and jargon. We want you to feel comfortable to pick up the phone whenever you have any questions or queries in the knowledge you'll receive educated and sound advice.

As well as the completion of your return we can assist with...

  • Advice on your tax liabilities;
  • Negotiating with the Collector if necessary;
  • Identifying suitable tax planning opportunities;
  • Completing all the necessary tax computations;
  • Dealing with all correspondence from HMRC, taking the worry away from you.

Next Step:

Please contact us if you need further advice, have any questions about our services, would like a free consultation.