Starting Up

Learn the essentials of accounting as a new contractor or freelancer in the UK. From registering your business to managing your taxes, we guide you through every step.

Getting Started as a Contractor or Freelancer in the UK

Starting your journey as a contractor or freelancer in the UK can be exhilarating and daunting in equal measure. One crucial aspect you cannot afford to overlook is your accounting. Ensuring that your books are in order from day one can save you headaches down the line and help set your business up for success.

Registering Your Business

The first step you need to take is deciding on your business structure. Will you operate as a sole trader or set up a limited company? This decision will impact your tax liabilities and responsibilities. As a sole trader, your personal and business finances are considered one and the same for tax purposes. With a limited company, your business is a separate entity, potentially providing more protection and potentially a more tax efficient structure.

Managing Your Finances

Setting up a separate business bank account, even as a sole trader, is a smart move. It allows you to clearly differentiate between personal and business transactions, making bookkeeping simpler. Accurate records of all your income and expenses are crucial for both tracking your business performance and preparing for your tax obligations.

Understanding Tax Responsibilities

One of the biggest challenges new contractors and freelancers face is managing their taxes. If you're a sole trader, you'll pay tax on your profits through Self Assessment. Limited companies need to pay Corporation Tax on profits. Additionally, there's VAT to consider if your annual turnover exceeds the current VAT threshold. Remember, late tax payments or incorrect tax filings can result in hefty fines, so it's crucial to get it right.

Getting the Right Support

While it's possible to handle your accounting, getting the right support can free up time and provide peace of mind. As an accountant specialising in serving UK contractors and freelancers, we understand the specific challenges you face. We can help you navigate the tax landscape, manage your bookkeeping, and ensure you're maximising your income while staying compliant with HMRC rules.

Don't let the complexities of accounting slow down your freelancer or contractor journey. Contact us today to see how we can support your business's financial health and growth from the very start.